4 Things You Should Know about Italian Restaurant

So many restaurants in Malaysia offer great Italian food. It is a brilliant idea to try out some of these restaurants if you have some time and money. Most people prefer to visit these hotels during the happy hour promotion.

If you are looking towards getting the best dining experience, shop for the best and most authentic atas dining restaurant. Here are some of the qualities that will help you to make the right decision.

Quality of Food

You have to make sure that you are choosing a bar near KLCC. When it comes to the Italian cuisine, you will never go small in eating. You will tell that something is wrong with the Italian restaurant if you walk out still feeling hungry.

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The best Italian restaurant will have a broad range of dishes to serve to its guest. The portion sizes that these hotels serve are also generous at the best. If you are going for a romantic dinner, you will leave the place with a happy mood and full stomach. Visit Marini’s On 57 today to experience the high class dining.


Ambiance comes in handy, especially when looking for the best place for candle light dinner. The Italian cuisine is renowned for allowing guests to relax. Therefore, an Italian restaurant that has a pleasing atmosphere is the best for romantic dining.

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The place should have an inviting atmosphere as soon as you step in. Such an environment will remind you of the familiar comforts. If you don’t have such a feeling during your candle light dinner, it is better to look for another option.

The lighting, arrangement, and overall design of the restaurant should be pleasing to the eyes. Remember, you are paying for these services and hence deserve to get the best. A good Italian restaurant will reflect the true nightlife scene in KL.


Apart from the hotel stuffing you with the generous amounts of food, the best Italian cuisine is all about service. Most people pay close attention to this when looking for an event space in KL. However, it is also a key factor when looking for the best restaurants in the region.

When you step through the doors of an Italian hotel, it should make you feel like a family. The key modeling of these hotels is made guest feel as if they are at home.

Therefore, it presents one of the best opportunities to spend your happy hour in KL. You will get the hotel owner calling you by your first name and well managed attendants. Therefore, one of the biggest highlights of Italian hotels is the service.


The beauty about Italian hotels is that they strive to get their food right. The chef pays close quality to the choice of food. As a result, they buy and serve all ingredients fresh. Therefore, the hotel will not serve you food with ingredients that have been in the freezer for a while.

It provides an exclusive opportunity for fine dining in Kuala Lumpur. Besides, all these ingredients add something to the overall flavor of the meal. The meals are prepared well leading to a feast of flavors in the mouth.

The secret is to choose the best bar for a glass of cocktail. Do your research well and you will have no regrets about spending your happy hour in this place.

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