Upload Images/ Pictures to Snapchat from a Gallery on either iOS or Android

Upload Images to Snapchat

Snapchat is the most popular and prevalent real-time photo sharing application available on the web for all the users. This instant messaging and photo sharing app allows the users to send pictures and share your snap stories with your friends and beloved ones. Through the Snapchat application, the users can send timed or ephemeral messages. It means that, you can send messages with certain time limit. If once the time limit expires, the message or picture that you have sent to your friend will automatically disappear on their mobile device.

upload images to snapchat

There are several such outstanding features available on this Snapchat application for all the users of Android and iOS. If you are a beginner of novice user of Snapchat application, you might not be aware of the process of uploading images to Snapchat. In this post, we have come up with an easy procedure to upload images to Snapchat application from your gallery through your Android and iOS device platforms. Have a look!

Snapchat Images on Android & iOS

Snapchat application is the unique application available on the web for all the users. One of the best features of this app is the ability to send photos from your gallery to your Snapchat friends with much ease. On Snapchat app, you can find a real-time camera using which you can easily share your desired pictures with your loving buddies. You can send an image from your gallery just like a snap to your friends via Snapchat in your individual chat box. The image will appear on the recipient’s inbox for a stipulated amount of time. Later, the message or image will erase completely.

Using, Snapchat photo sharing application, the users can capture their best moments through this app. You can share some of your best funny and hilarious moments with your pals. You can easily share your desired moments through your selfies captured on Snapchat application. There are some ways to upload images or photos to Snapchat application through your gallery. On Snapchat, you couldn’t find image upload options from your Gallery. However, there is a possibility of uploading images from your device gallery to Snapchat story through your Android and iOS devices.

Best Apps to Upload Pictures to Snapchat from Gallery

There are some beneficial apps available on different Play Stores so as to upload pictures to Snapchat from your Gallery on your Android and iOS devices. Check it out!

  1. Photo Saver

Photo Saver is one of the best apps that allow the users to copy some image from their Mac device to iOS device and then upload it on Snapchat application. On Photo Saver application, you can find ‘Import all’ option available. Using this option, you can easily import your preferred images or photos to Snapchat.

  1. Swift Pic

Swift Pic is one of the best Android applications that let to share your desired pictures across popular social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Just by using the upload option, you can easily upload your photos and images from your device gallery to Snapchat.

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