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LeetCode features and its uses seem hard to get online. So, I took this time to explain you all about Leetcode below.


Leetcode unique features & Specifications

All About LeetCode

LeetCode is a system for preparing technological coding interviews. Select from an expanding collection greater than 450 questions, code and post your method for finding out if you have resolved it correctly.

Leetcode is similar to the coding version of Geeksforgeeks. In GFG, you’ll find all types of questions related to the complete field of CS – typically with a desire to focus on interview preparation. Moreover, it offers your hands on practice and you aren’t likely to ignore a specific algorithm or strategy when you have coded it and ensured it goes by the entire test circumstances, which you can’t achieve by simply doing GeeksforGeeks.
LeetCode is the same. Unlike geeks which are merely a text centered knowledge source, LeetCode actually has a judge of their own and allows you to code all the answers to the questions and run them against test instances.
Overall, I would suggest you study a subject from GeeksforGeeks and then practice it on LeetCode which would help you quite definitely for interview planning.

Also, do check out my set of alternatives of LeetCode’s questions, combined with the explanations of how to overcome them.

11 Coding Languages Supported by LeetCode

  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • Swift
  • Go
  • Bash
  • MySQL

Read all the drafts, already resolved questions and related codes here

With LeetCode

  • A very productive way to deal with problems.
  • Automobile LOGIN among multiple classes with the sole leetcode account.
  • Retrieve your earlier Distribution thus you can certainly back up and take care of your code.
  • Caching problems locally thus you can certainly find their way & think it offline.
  • Producing source code design template for even more coding.
  • Support live Ensure that you SUBMIT against leetcode.com.
  • Do everything in CLI, no-one even knows you do leetcode
  • LeetCode is preferred by many employers and leading technology company employees, including Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and more top companies

Sign up with Leetcode.com | Online Registration

Now, I will show you how to register with Leetcode and how to complete the online Registration Process.

  • Firstly click on the image below to start signing up with Leetcode.
  • Enter your desired Username, E-mail Address, and password.
  • Now click Sign Up for LeetCode OJ
  • There is an alternate sign up options with Leetcode:
      • LinkedIn
      • Github
      • Facebook
      • Google Plus

Leetcode Sign up and Online Registration

  • After completing the sign up it will show you the home screen.
  • Your profile is successfully created and the name of the user will be shown on the top right area of the home screen.

Note: If you like taking mock tests and coding tests. I suggest you go for the premium plans

Right now available plans are as follows;

  1. Monthly Subscription for $35
  2. Yearly Subscription for $159

Yearly Subscription saves you 60% when compared to Monthly Subscriptions

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