How to Add seconds to Task-Bar Clock in Windows 10

Recently I have decided and I wanted to display seconds in my Windows 10 task bar clock. Obviously, you will be able to already click on the time once to see the seconds displayed in a larger clock that seems above a calendar; however I wished the seconds to continuously be there without click on the clock. If you are wishing to do the same thing, I have a solution to share.

At first, I thought it might be an simple for settings adjustment, thus I right-clicked the clock, and choose “Adjust date/time.” As I expected, there was a section labelled as “Formats,” thus I clicked the “Change date and time formats” link. To my surprise, there was no way to enable seconds within the Short Time format that is what you see in the taskbar clock.

Hide or Show Seconds on Taskbar Clock in Windows 10

11 full the way to Display Seconds in the Taskbar Clock in Windows 10 from there I figured there should be an app or the software that can do this, or most likely even many. Thus I set out to search out the best one. That led me to come across T-Clock, which is, in my opinion, the quickest and simplest way to enable seconds within the Windows 10 taskbar clock. Here are the steps for using the T-Clock:

For 32-bit systems:

  1. There are many ways to retrieve the T-Clock application:

A) Download the latest release from the official T-Clock GitHub page.


B) Download the program from CNET or a same website like Softonic.

2. Extract the downloaded zip file and run the “Clock.exe” file.

3. Check your task bar to make sure that seconds are showing.


For 64-bit systems:

If you are like general people and you do not like digging through the GitHub pages to search out the right file to download, you will probably choose the simple route of downloading T-Clock from CNET or a same¬† website. Whereas that will work on 32-bit systems, the CNET download doesn’t include the 64-bit version, and if you decide to use the standard “Clock.exe” file to open the interface during a 64-bit system, you will be greeted with this error message:

I actually encountered the above error that “Unable to Start TClockEx! Timeout Error!” when initially trying to launch the program as a result of I made the mistake of downloading the 32-bit version from CNET. To avoid this error and make sure that the software is compatible along with your 64-bit OS, you will be required to follow these steps:

1)¬† First Go to T-Clock’s page on GitHub

2) Scroll to the down all the way to the bottom of the latest release and download the file:

3) Use a program such as 7-Zip or WinRAR to extract the contents of the zip folder.

4) Click on the Clock64.exe to launch the program:


After following the steps above, you will see that the seconds appear in your taskbar clock automatically.


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