What is “Carrier Settings Update” in iPhone? How to Check and Update it?

If you had an iPhone you will be wondering to when you see a popup notification on your iPhone, that it is safe to update or not. If you update it you will be worry that it may effect your iPhone or you iPhone will getting slow and if you want to know what the update is for and check whether it’s safe to update before taking any action. Will this carrier setting update have any negative effects on your iPhone performance?

You no need to worry that carrier setting update will affect the speed of your iPhone, or lock up it up for an extended time as generally happens with massive downloads or major updates. We accept the update and it will be finished in fraction of seconds, it does not even need restart the iPhone. We have not even notice any changes in your iPhone behavior its speed, or in the functions we are able to access.

Carrier Setting Update

What is Carrier Settings Update?

Carrier settings updates are tiny files that may embody updates from Apple and your carrier to carrier-related settings, like network, calling, cellular information, messaging, personal hot spot, and voicemail settings. You will receive notifications from time to time to put in new carrier-settings updates.

The updates are mostly used to add new features or enhance the performance of your iPhone. This includes adding support for upgrades made to carrier’s network or roll out the new functionalities like voice -over- LTE, which promises to deliver better sounding voice calls.

Its really important to do these updates, because these updates are usually used to solve the problem. For instance, AT&T had some voice mail problems and those are solved by carrier setting update, there was a problem with the iPhone connecting to cell tower those were also solved by carrier setting updates.

Do I have the Choice to Skip an Update?

Some updates are mandatory, and the only one you see when the notification popup message comes i.e. “OK” button on the screen. Other times, you will have a choice to go with update process or delay the update by clicking on “not now “button.

How to Check For a Carrier Settings Update?

Your iPhone will automatically say you to update your carrier settings. But you should check manually whether there is any popup message available to your iPhone.

Step 1:

Open the “settings app” on your iPhone.

Settings icon

Step 2:

Go to General> About

If there is an update option available, you will have the option to update it now itself or to update it later. However there will also have a mandatory updates where you don’t have any choice, you should update it at that time only. You will only see the “OK” button instead of update button, letting you know that an update was installed or not.

 How to Update Carrier Setting Update:

When you see the notification on your iPhone screen, it’s usually safe to update it. In several years of blogging about the iPhone, I have a not even seen anyone mentioning that they have a problem relating to a carrier update. These updates are there to make your iPhone work better.


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