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Hey people, are you looking for this? Facebook Customer Support Phone Number, Toll-Free & Email Support ID? I have gathered all the information for you trailing this article.

Facebook is one of the leading internet sites in America. The company was only available in 2004 with the usage of college or university students. By 2005, students began using Facebook with the business opening the doorways to the general public in 2006. After many years of climbing the recognition ladder, Facebook proceeded to go general public in 2012. The business was begun by Make Zuckerberg, however the corporate headquarters houses all Facebook employees as well as the complete executive team. The state website for Facebook can be obtained online

About Facebook Customer Support

Do we really need Facebook Support? 

Yes, because any technical or known issues can be resolved by Facebook Voice Support Team. There was an incident with one of my friend last month like he own a small business firm and had a facebook paid page for it. They had a crush on one guy who was absolutely crazy and created fake facebook accounts to write negative reviews. The worse part was my friend could not remove the reviews. Facebook took this case to their top priority and resolved it within hours by removing the posts all because of my friend contacted facebook via Customer Service phone number.

I will not only write the Facebook Customer Support Number for the USA but also few more like UK Facebook Customer Support Number and Australia Customer Support Number. Share it with your friends too.
Facebook customer Support Toll-Free Number


Facebook Toll-Free Number USA

Facebook Customer Support Toll-Free Number of USA is 1-800-9415-251

Facebook Customer Support Toll-Free Number of UK is 0-808-280-2972

Facebook Customer Support Toll-Free Number of Australia is 1-800-360-519

By using the above phone number you can contact Customer Service Representatives at USA, UK & Australia

Facebook Support Email

I got some list of Facebook Email Support ID’s here

  • abuse@facebook.com
  • info@facebook.com
  • appeals@facebook.com
  • helpdesk@fb.com
  • disabled@facebook.com
  • privacy@facebook.com
  • support@facebook.com
  • platformcs@support.facebook.com
  • press@fb.com
  • datarequests@fb.com
  • warning@facebook.com
  • login@facebook.com

Send your email as per the category you might want to address your issue track. The categories like Abuse, info, appeals, helpdesk, disabled, Privacy, Platformcs, press, Datarequests, warning, log in. If your issue is related anyone one this it will address and resolve issues.

Facebook Headquarters Address Location US

The 430,000 square-foot space works with 2,800 employees, and Zuckerberg has a workplace right in the center. The initial Facebook head office was found in Palo Alto, California. When that office no more provided the area and resources Facebook head office needed, the business migrated to

Menlo Park Campus building 20, in Menlo Park, California



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